Hugo Boss Australia’s Strategy for Reduced Turnover & Absenteeism with Retail Staff

Case Study 

Hugo Boss is a premium fashion and lifestyle brand with over 1,000 retail stores across the world.


The Problem

After overhauling their talent acquisition and recruitment processes, the HR team at Hugo Boss Australia were confident in finding and hiring the right people. Now it was time to tackle the next challenge – retaining talent. 

Turnover and absenteeism during a new hire’s first three months is a common problem with casual and part time staff in the retail sector, and Hugo Boss Australia were committed to breaking away from the status quo. 

The team knew that increasing communication with retail team members would help build engagement, connection to the company, and productivity – which in turn would reduce turnover and decrease absenteeism.

But as most casual and part time retail staff don’t have a company email address, they needed to find an effective way to communicate with them – and make sure no one missed out!


The Solution

Hugo Boss Australia worked closely with Enboarder to design and build an onboarding experience specifically for their retail and office employees. 

The team uses Enboarder to cascade communication to all retail and office employees on any device (laptop, tablet or smartphone), ensuring every team member is aware of, understands and feels connected to the strategic direction of the business. 

“Our Enboarder program helps new employees feel comfortable from the moment they accept their offer by providing a more engaging experience that keeps them better informed. It enables us to share the company culture and create a connection between managers and new hires before day one. It also ensures consistency in our onboarding process, no matter the manager or team.”


The Results

The numbers speak for themselves!

In the first three months of onboarding new retail employees through Enboarder, the Hugo Boss Australia team saw a:

  • 77% decrease in <3 month turnover
  • 75% decrease in absenteeism 
  • 65%+ increase in productivity

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