Walking the walk: How we do onboarding at Enboarder

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We spend pretty much all of our time talking to people about how important onboarding is and why it is so critical for businesses to get it right. It has a direct impact, helping to increase retention and support a strong culture. We talk the talk, but do we walk the walk?

Onboarding is a big deal and doing a bad job directly impacts your business, and it’s not just us saying this - the stats back it up. 20% of turnover happens within the first 45 days of employment during the ‘honeymoon period’ and 69% of employees are more likely to stay with their employer for at least three years after a great onboarding experience.

This is why Enboarder exists: we want to help our customers create positive employee experiences within their organisations. So we asked our team to describe in their own words what their personal experience was like when they joined us.


Feeling the love

Most companies have values these days - for some they are just words on an external-facing website, and for others they are living statements that are embedded in how people show up and do their work each day.

At Enboarder our values are:

  • Team Play
  • Customers Rule
  • Never Settle
  • Keep it Real
  • Love It

These values are central to the business - they’ve existed since day one when our founder sat down and wrote them with the intention of making them the foundation of whatever came next. Given how important they are, the values are front and centre in underpinning our own onboarding processes as we continue growing and hiring more and more people globally.

“The values we live by here were not only shown to me, but absolutely proven during my onboarding. We live for Team Play, and that came out the moment I walked into the office.” - Julian

“Transparency was something I was looking for in an organization and the entire process was communicative and transparent. I knew exactly where I stood in the process and what next steps were/are." - Jac

“...emotionally speaking, usually starting a new job would be accompanied by a certain degree of nervousness, bordering on dread...For Enboarder, I was still nervous, but didn't have the sense of dread, because of the sense of welcome and culture that was established early on.” - Isaac


We like to WOW

We are always telling customers that it’s the little things that count, and it’s something we commit to internally as well.

Once the offer letter is signed, we have our workflows in place to start getting to know that person straight away. We care about who they are, so we ask them to tell us. Every new starter gets a personalised experience enabled by our automated platform in the lead up to day one. On day one itself, we love to surprise and delight them with their desk setup and other fun activities.


“On the first day, we didn't even step foot in the office. We all met at a coffee shop, and then hopped on a tour around Austin to see local art and food. It was so awesome to meet everyone as people instead of co-workers right off the bat.” - Kelcie

“When we went up in the lift the doors opened to reveal a red carpet, and the entire company cheering as I walked out of the lift! They had balloons and they all introduced themselves. It was so special! They then showed me to my desk which was COMPLETELY decorated according to what I'd shared were my interests (anything pop culture & reality TV) and fav 3pm snack, TWIX AND TEA!” - Prue

“The entire first day was personalized from start to finish. My colleagues used answers from onboarding via Enboarder to build out a day around things I like to do and eat. Every friend and family had two questions after I told them what my first day was like. "Are they hiring? Can I work there?" :)” - Jac


Easy does it - keep it simple and watch human experiences flourish!

One of our favourite things about our platform is how simple and user-friendly it is - making onerous admin tasks easier and more convenient to complete. Great user experiences are based on simple and seamless platforms, and this enables the genuine interactions that great human experiences are built upon.


“Seeing how much everyone enjoyed working for the company was crucial.” - Sofia

“What I liked was the breaking down of the processes into bite-sized parts that I could do in minutes, rather than being a massive project that I would have to dedicate a few hours to.” - Isaac

“My pre-day one experience was peppered with communication, personalization and thoughtfulness. It was by far the best pre-start experience I've had in my career. ” - Jac


We’ve reproduced these quotes verbatim, and no incentives (other than large amounts of gratitude) were offered. We have a great team and are proud to offer them the very best onboarding experience when they make the big decision to join us.

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