Boosting Productivity and Retention With Onboarding

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This is based on the onboarding report published by the Aberdeen Group in 2013.

” The first impression an organisation is often the most critical – not only with customers and key stakeholders but, more importantly, with its employees. As a result, employee onboarding has become a key business initiative and accelerator of company growth and performance. Today’s onboarding organisations are thinking more proactively about the way they onboard talent by adopting new practices and investing in both traditional and innovative technology solutions to achieve results. This study of 230 organisations, conducted in January and February 2013, explores the best practice organisations use to transform basic new hire organisations into strategic initiatives and how they leverage world-class technology to boost productivity, engagement, and retention. “

Executive Summary
Aberdeen onboarding report

The proof is in the pudding!

The Aberdeen report has some really interesting stats showing the real impact good onboarding has on organisations today. One of the key performance criteria they had was a comparison between the Best-in-class and “Laggard organisations” (Worst-in-class) in the three fields below. When looking at these stats and considering your own organisation, where do you fit in?…

Interestingly, the Aberdeen Group’s study highlighted these ‘Best in Class’ organisation’s to share the following common characteristics:

1) A deep commitment to aligning onboarding objectives to overall business goals. 2) A combination of tactical and strategic onboarding initiatives that drive productivity and engagement. 3) An investment into world-class technology throughout the onboarding.

To read the full report, download the pdf below.


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