On-Demand Webinar: Maintaining a Positive Employer Brand

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Your employer brand is the representation of your organization to consumers and both current and potential employees. While we used to think of the customer-facing brand as separate from the employee-facing brand, these have converged in recent years. How do we maintain a positive and consistent brand that is true to the organization?

In this on-demand webinar, Enboarder’s Director of People and Experience, Carlie Herbert, along with Xref’s APAC Sales Director, Chris Murphy, talked to Lee Robinson, Group Recruitment Manager at jewellery retailer Michael Hill about the importance of ensuring a consistent employer brand.

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While Michael Hill has always valued its employer brand, three factors make it more important than ever before:

  1. Intensifying competition in all the job markets the brand is involved in
  2. High turnover in the retail sales industry
  3. Shifts in the way consumers purchase, requiring the brand to connect with people who may not physically step foot in stores

A positive employer brand is important. But perhaps more important is honesty and consistency. When recruiting, the Michael Hill team focuses on painting an authentic view of the reality of a retail sales job, and its challenges.

The panel discussed ways to ensure consistent and accurate communications with both potential recruits and new hires, by leveraging technology to bridge process gaps within larger organizations.

The trio then looked at how Michael Hill leverages data to improve both the employee and candidate experience, whether it is segmented employee turnover rates to identify potential issues with particular stores or regions, regular Pulse Checks, or consistent offboarding processes.

For the full picture, watch the webinar above.

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