Increasing productivity levels, faster!

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This post is based on an original article written by ERE Recruiting Intelligence. Google is all about data, as a result, their analytics team led the way by closely measuring which factors have the highest positive impact on getting new hires up to minimum productivity levels faster. They found that a simple reminder alert, sent by email to the hiring manager the Sunday before the new hire starts can reduce new hire time to productivity by a full month. That is a whopping 25% faster! Who doesn’t want a more productive workforce? In addition to the increased productivity result, Google’s findings highlight some other interesting insights as well. Rather than burdening managers with a bunch of requirements and a structured process, they settled on a voluntary process that is owned by the new hire’s manager. With a simple “just-in-time” checklist, Google prompts their managers about five tasks that have proven to have the highest impact on the productivity of their new hires.

Google's checklist with tasks

The check-list is open for each manager to implement in their own way. The five recommended actions are meant to increase two-way communications, building the employees support network, and scheduling of periodic meetings with the new hire. At Enboarder we are all about gathering real business data to back up HR initiatives, so a big-up to Google for sharing details of their onboarding approach and why they came to implement it this way. If you like to read about the thoughts on why Google’s simple onboarding approach resonated with their managers. You can find the full article here.

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