Five Things We Did This Week To Stay Connected From Afar

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Today marks the end of our second week working remotely.

It was also the first full week that the entire organization worked remotely, so we knew we had to ramp up the opportunities to connect with each other.

Here are five things we did this week that helped us bond and stay engaged from afar…

1.Lunch and learn

Just because you’re working remotely doesn’t mean you have to eat lunch alone. This week we implemented a regular ‘lunch and learn’ session where we can share our hobbies and out-of-office skills with each other.

First up was our Sales Operations Manager Lainie who shared her know-how in propagating plants to a very enthralled audience.

Thanks Lainie!

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 10.44.18 am

Lainie (center), our Sales Operations Manager, leads a lunchtime masterclass in propagating plants

2. Cheers to success

Stop and smell the roses! Don’t overlook the hard work and success that your teams are achieving, just because you’re not physically together to celebrate.

This week we were focused on building best practice workflows for remote onboarding and remote working…and when we finished our Head of Customer Success, Tegan and Senior Customer Success Manager, Georgie, made sure to celebrate together with a well deserved drink!


Head of Customer Success, Tegan & Senior Customer Success Manager Georgie celebrating the launch of our best practice workflows

3. Get creative with backgrounds

Sure, for the first few days it was incredibly satisfying (for those of us prone to sticky beaking) to get an inside glimpse into our colleagues’ homes. But there’s only so many times you want to see Karen from finance’s kitchen….that’s when we discovered backgrounds!

Our Customer Success Manager Leanne has very craftily been switching up her background with stock office images, and it’s keeping her customers on their toes!

“My customers are doing a double take, they want to know if that’s actually my remote office.”

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 10.44.19 am

Our Customer Success Manager Leanne’s Zoom background had customers doing a double take

4. Remember: Milestone moments still matter!

Our lives don’t stop just because we’re working from home, and nor should they. Don’t forget to continue celebrating each other’s milestones.

This week we celebrated our Accounts Assistant Clio’s birthday! We organized an early morning (sorry Clio!) delivery of birthday cake and balloons.

Then we all jumped on a zoom call to sing a very off-key rendition of happy birthday, complete with our own BYO candles for Clio to virtually blow out.


Celebrating our Accounts Assistant Clio’s birthday with cake and our BYO candles

5. Friday drinks

Let’s face it, getting through an entire week of working remotely is cause for celebration.

We normally get together for ‘Friday Frothies’ when we’re in the office and we didn’t want to miss out on this crucial time to connect and debrief just because we’re all at home.

So we all brought our creative cocktail making A-game and got together on Zoom for a drink or two.

Shout out to our Head of Talent Acquisition Sally who not only joined us for Friday Frothies from her pool but was also sipping on a quarantini!


Trying to recreate the iconic Brady Bunch opening scene during Friday drinks

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