Enboarder Launches on the Talent App Store Platform

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We are pleased to announce Enboarder is now available in the Talent App Store, Aotal’s marketplace for HR SaaS micro-services. 

This means that SnapHire customers can now easily integrate with Enboarder to receive our ground-breaking employee engagement solution, as well as other HR technologies.

Talent App Store is an open integration platform that allows customers to assemble their own HR technology ecosystem, by connecting to the pre-integrated HR apps that matter to them. With Talent App Store, software buying is agile and implementation is efficient and cost effective, with the added protection of API security and identity management.

The Talent App Store model disrupts the typical hub and spoke approach that HR professionals have come to expect when looking for HR tech solutions. The peer-to-peer integration platform creates a lower barrier to entry for the global HR industry and enables Enboarder to connect with other, smart HR tech solutions that it has no current exclusive integration arrangements with.

Lisa Collins, Head of Partnerships at Aotal (Talent App Store) said: “It’s great to see Enboarder join the Talent App Store partner community. Being able to offer users, existing and new, the opportunity to move quickly and easily between our applicant tracking system (ATS) and Enboarder’s onboarding solution will be a major new selling point for us both.”

Chris Cherry, Head of Partnerships at Enboarder adds “At Enboarder we very much believe in the concept of integrating “best in class” service providers to create the best possible candidate and employee experience. Integrating with SnapHire means together we can offer a seamless experience for the employee, and one less thing for our customers to remember.”

To learn more about the Enboarder and Talent App Store partnership, contact one of our representatives.

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