Employee Onboarding Software Pricing – What to Look For

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It’s a common question – what will it cost? There are many types of pricing models for employee onboarding software, but perhaps the real question isn’t so much what you pay, or how you pay for it, but what you are paying for.

What are you really paying for with employee onboarding software?

Of course, pricing and budget is important. But don’t let the big $$ signs distract you from the considerations that really matter when it comes to choosing the right employee onboarding software.

  • What are the features you need to lift your game on engagement outcomes, process efficiencies, retention, and other key metrics?
  • Will your chosen employee onboarding software really work for you?
  • Is your chosen solution going to provide the ROI you’re looking for?

When it comes to onboarding software, ROI is about:

  • demonstrating measurable results in improving employee engagement and EX
  • improving new hire retention, and reducing turnover

Here are the features you should look for:

A focus on seamless experience-driven onboarding

  • Fast and easy to use, so once you’re ready to create your new hire workflows, you’re not spending weeks trying to get up to speed with the tool
  • Enables frictionless communication between the organization, managers and employees, using technologies and platforms that your people are already using
  • Provides insights on employee and manager engagement, using tools like interactive surveys and eNPS

Best-in-class manager engagement & coaching

  • Focuses not just on employee engagement, but also manager engagement
  • Intelligent, just-in-time and informative nudges to managers to support them during the onboarding process
  • Dynamically generate manager actions and tasks based on new hire responses
  • Access to best practice knowledge and support from onboarding experts to set managers up to succeed at all stages of the employee onboarding journey

Consistency and scalability at any level

  • Best-practice-based templates and modules, so you can roll out both customized new hire workflows quickly and consistently
  • Smart, personalized workflow logic that adjusts the onboarding journey according to role, team, business unit, location and language
  • Integrates with your ATS and other HR software, allowing people to automatically flow from recruitment to onboarding to payroll

Getting proper ROI from your employee onboarding software

The ROI of employee onboarding software is determined by the results. One easily-measured engagement metric that is commonly linked to onboarding is employee retention. That’s why it makes sense to compare the cost of the employee onboarding software with the potential savings to the business from reducing the cost of employee turnover.

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