A Q&A with Enboarder’s Head of Product Christos Roussos

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One thing we’ve always been proud of at Enboarder is the beautiful, consumer-like experience we provide our users. Despite what you might see from some other HR tech vendors, we love to create fun experiences that surprise and delight both our customers (HR) and their users (employees). When you deliver those wow experiences at scale, that’s when you see major gains when it comes to engagement, productivity, and connection.

To learn a bit about how we build that philosophy into our technology, we recently sat down with Christos Roussos, Enboarder’s head of product. He spoke about what got him excited to join the company, the goals for the product team in 2024, and what he thinks sets Enboarder apart from other HR tech vendors.

Tell us about your career journey at Enboarder. What got you excited to join the team?

Christos Roussos first day

The vision of our founder Brent was to improve workplace environments by creating great employee onboarding experiences for our users. This really resonated with me, given my prior roles in businesses where the importance of investing in employees to achieve business outcomes was overlooked.

In my journey, I have had the privilege of seeing the product grow all the way from inception to now a strongly established player in the market. Even though the organization has grown, the fundamentals of the business have always been to invest in our people to achieve success.

What are the priorities and goals for Enboarder’s product team this year?

Our priority will be to deliver an upgraded version of our core product offering that will take employee experiences to the next level for our customers. It won’t just be more intuitive and fun tools for people to use – it will ultimately lead the way in future workplace connectedness.

What do you think sets Enboarder apart from other HR tech vendors when it comes to product design and user experience?

Our design and product reflect some of the extraordinary thinkers and doers who I have the pleasure of working with on a day-to-day basis. It’s a passionate bunch of people across our entire business, and that comes across in the end-user experience delivered for sure.

Sometimes our design thinking can veer off the conventional HR path, but ultimately, it ensures that we do the simple things smarter, so our users can get to do the important things better.

How would you describe your leadership style?

Christos Roussos team

I try to foster a culture of creativity and collaboration across teams. I like to lead by example while giving space for teams to develop their unique working style and autonomy where possible.

We all work in a high-tempo and creative environment, so it’s important to have fun and feel valued with the efforts put in. This allows everyone to build genuine connections as well as long-term friendships.

Just for fun: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

I love practicing all kinds of martial arts. The appeal of martial arts for me is that it not only gives me a physical outlet but also another means of creative expression.

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