A Q&A With Enboarder CFO Jay Harry

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Curious how a chief financial officer thinks about employee experience? Or how they make budget decisions that impact HR programs?

We sat down with Jay Harry, Enboarder’s chief financial officer, who joined the company in 2020. He shares what got him excited to join the team, the mission of the finance function, and why he firmly believes now is the time for companies to focus on human connection (for more on this, check out this recent interview he did at Transform 2023!).

What got you excited to join Enboarder?

I loved the idea of being able to impact people’s daily experience of life. The opportunity to be part of a company that is bringing human connection to the center of the conversation about creativity, productivity, and longevity in the workplace is a chance to be a part of what really matters.

What’s the mission of the finance team?

finance team

The mission of our finance team is to use accurate data to provide insight that facilitates good decision-making across the entire business, and to use operational excellence to drive action and impact around those decisions

Why do you think now is the right time for companies to focus on human connection?

People are the center of business. Retaining, growing, and acquiring talent is the number one challenge facing businesses today. If you are adding staff, a human-centric approach will help you weave them into your existing team. If you are keeping your headcount flat or reducing headcount, utilizing a human-centric approach will help you keep your top performers engaged and on board.

How do you think about the ROI of employee experience?

I believe the ROI of employee experience is employee connection, engagement, productivity, and retention, and ultimately company health.

Do you have advice for HR leaders working with their finance teams to get buy-in for investing in employee experience?

I would look at the strategic initiatives of the company and tie the benefits back to the improved ability to deliver on these initiatives. If you are in a period of growth, use human connection and employee experience to craft meaningful onboarding experiences that help you ramp up new employees quickly and get them connected to their team. You will see increased productivity, better retention, and create an environment that attracts top talent. You will be in a position to meet your growth goals.

If you are looking to reduce burn and be more efficient in a tough market, connecting the employees you have will increase productivity and employee engagement, which will in turn help you retain top talent. You will be more effective at doing more with less and become a healthier and more efficient business.

Just for fun: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you? 🙂

I was in a Duran Duran video back in the day (close up in a crowd scene).


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