New Hires to New Grads: How Accenture Is Creating a Culture of Connection

Discover how Accenture revolutionized onboarding with Enboarder, saving time for HR, fostering connections, and creating a culture of belonging.

See how Accenture elevated onboarding - unleashing efficiency, personalization, and culture building!

Onboarding new hires in the professional services industry can be a real challenge - the stakes are high, and labor-intensive processes just aren't scalable for growing teams.


Here's how Accenture discovered and adopted a solution that automated the entire pre-boarding and onboarding process, while having the onboarding experience embody the organization's innovative brand, with an infusion of personalization and connection.

In this showcase of 5 videos you will learn about:

How Accenture streamlined onboarding with Enboarder

How Accenture built a culture of connection via innovation and personalization

How to gain significant time savings and create positive, high impact onboarding experiences


Build Better Human Connections with Enboarder