Foxtel Group's 5 Keys to Onboarding Success Webinar

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Foxtel Group’s 5 steps to building an onboarding experience new starters can't stop raving about

It's all about people!

For years, we've seen HR approaching onboarding as an algorithm that could be solved with the perfect process. We've learned that the core element of everything HR is trying to achieve isn’t a code or equation. It is people.


Experience-driven onboarding is all about putting people before process. It focuses on human-centric ways to move the needle. And it works.


Join Karina Vanderwerf, Head of HR, Talent Acquisition and HR Support at Foxtel Group, and learn what makes or breaks experience-driven onboarding. Karina will share how to get started on creating a program that sparks connection, helps with retention, and superpowers your EVP.

What you'll learn

The 5 key principles that make or break a successful onboarding program

How Foxtel Group is using these principles as the backbone of their EVP

How to evaluate your current onboarding program and take it to the next level

How to achieve a consistent, engaging, and WOW experience for every employee

A tried-and-tested framework for Experience Driven Onboarding – and how to bring the experience to life

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