How Wyndham Built an Incredible Onboarding Journey with Enboarder

Case Study 

Recognizing the impact employee experience has on customer happiness, Wyndham’s team embarked on a journey to engage with their new people, from the point of hire through to the first day of employment, and beyond.


The Solution

To bring consistency to its onboarding, and connect new employees with hiring managers, the Wyndham team homed in on Enboarder. Built to maximize engagement, Enboarder’s cutting edge capabilities and mobile functionality made it a great fit for Wyndham.

Working with Enboarder’s intuitive technology and with help from the customer success team, Wyndham translated their employee experience into an incredible digital onboarding journey.

The Result

New hires at Wyndham are now engaged and kept informed from the moment they sign their contract – no more first-day nerves.

With the ability to assign buddies and track the progress of their new hires throughout the entire journey, managers now have all the insights and knowledge they need to onboard their new hires.


“It's so intuitive and it's so easy…we [were] able to pick up and build something really effectively and really impactful in a very short time”

Simon Tufrey, HR Director