How Eventbrite Empowers Managers to Create Consistently Incredible Onboarding Experiences

How do you help busy managers onboard and connect with new hires?




Eventbrite, a certified "Great Place to Work", welcomes its new "Britelings" with a vibrant onboarding experience.

With a global presence, how does Eventbrite ensure managers in each office location are clear about their role in onboarding new hires?

What training and resources do they provide to busy managers to help them onboard and connect with new hires?

Join Adrienne Brabant, Eventbrite's Senior Learning & Development Program Manager, and Elizabeth Pierce, Eventbrite's Global Director of Learning & Development at this interactive webinar, where they will talk about how they are building and leveraging manager engagement to create scalable and incredible onboarding across their global business.

Key Takeaways

  • How managers play a critical part in shaping the onboarding experience for new hires
  • Working with managers in different regions to create scalable and consistently amazing onboarding, across all departments and locations
  • Tips to engage with, and coach, managers who are onboarding new hires
  • What information and resources you can provide to help managers onboard effectively

Transform and Revitalise Your Onboarding