Using a Pilot to Build Your Business Case for Experience-Driven Onboarding

How to Reshape Induction Into People-Powered Experiences

Empower your managers to engage and retain your new people with a captivating, experience-driven approach to onboarding


How to get your onboarding project over the line, and start delivering real and measurable results

Is your onboarding project stuck in a Catch-22?


If only you could show some real results, it’d be easy to get the rest of the business to support your project.


But because you’re stuck in the planning stages, you’ve got no results to show.


In this on-demand webinar, join BASF’s Employer Branding & Internships Team Lead Valerie Tatge, and Workforce Enablement and Business Digitalization expert Dominik Gerhards, as they show how you can break out of this state of limbo.


Learn how to quickly pilot your onboarding project and start delivering remarkable and measurable results. Then use those results to quickly bring best-practice onboarding to the rest of the organisation.

Learn how to:

  • Use an agile approach to piloting a successful onboarding experience
  • Powerful tips on how to run a smooth pilot onboarding program that delivers real results
  • Using the momentum from your pilot to roll out a wider onboarding project
  • Create a world-class onboarding experience your new people will love

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