How Eventbrite Increased Manager Participation in Onboarding to 73%

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Eventbrite's robust ticketing and event technology platform powers millions of events in 170 countries around the world. With its award-winning culture and workplace performance remaining a top priority, Eventbrite is now more than 900 global Britelings strong in 11 countries. The company has been recognized multiple times on Fortune’s Best Workplaces lists, including the Bay Area, Women, and Millennials and was also named one of the best companies to work for in San Francisco by the San Francisco Business Times the past nine years running.


The Problem

As part of the Eventbrite ‘Briteling Experience’ team, Learning & Development Program Manager, Adrienne Brabant was having challenges scaling an engaging onboarding process across the globe.

“The issue was two-fold – our existing technology didn’t provide a comprehensive onboarding solution and was too difficult to navigate, and I had no way to help the managers provide a standardised onboarding experience.”


Adrienne was manually onboarding employees on a weekly basis with an email and an attached keynote presentation. “We use Workday for a variety of tasks but to set up and manage onboarding through this platform would have been too difficult and cumbersome. Without anything in place, I would have to duplicate and edit our ‘Onboarding’ keynote template for each employee, attach it to an email and individually send it out on the Wednesday before the employee was due to start. After this, I ticked a box in a spreadsheet to say that this task was complete” comments Adrienne.

As this process was time consuming and cumbersome to manage, Adrienne didn’t have the time or tools to be able to send half the information she would have liked to the new employees or managers during this process.

“We have so much exciting information we can share about the company but had no scalable or engaging way to actually deliver it. Not only that, I had so many ideas about how to improve the experience for everyone involved, the managers, training teams and the new employee, but to execute on these ideas would have been far too time consuming and would have involved a lot of manual segmentation.”

Aside from the constrictions she had with her current lack of technology, Adrienne had no way to help her managers provide a better experience for their new starters.

“The other issue I faced with scaling our onboarding was that the managers in each region weren’t clear about what was expected of them during employee onboarding. And not only this, they are so busy with their jobs that onboarding fell to the wayside.”

“The other issue I faced with scaling our onboarding was that the managers in each region weren’t clear about what was expected of them during employee onboarding. And not only this, they are so busy with their jobs that onboarding fell to the wayside.”


The Solution

Eventbrite now uses Enboarder to manage all their employee, manager, and new hire buddy communication during the pre-boarding and onboarding phases of the employee lifecycle across the globe.

To eliminate any manual tasks, Adrienne integrated Enboarder with Lever and Docusign to automate the entire process.

“When an employee has signed their contract we change their status to ‘hired’ in Lever. This automatically pushes them into the relevant workflow in Enboarder. The Docusign integration automates the delivery of all the necessary paperwork, and lets us track what has and hasn’t been completed in the one platform.” She adds “the integrations mean I can literally set and forget everything associated with onboarding”.



The Results

Adrienne achieved her goal of delivering more relevant and exciting information to new employees by adding in pre-boarding and onboarding communications for the new employee.

“We now start our onboarding 30 days before the new hire starts, allowing us to get them really excited and educated about the company. I created a baseline workflow for Europe, North America, South America, and Australia containing everything I want to include for employees and managers as a baseline standard for company onboarding. For the employee this includes a welcome video from the CEO, a mini quiz to collect fun facts about the new hire and we set them a task to build their own event in Eventbrite a week before they start. For the managers, I automate anything that usually gets left to the last minute (IT requests, orientation schedules, expectations etc) and I send a series of ‘nudges’ to remind them to set goals with the new hire, do a 30 day check in and all-sorts of other things!”

“I always ask the employees about their onboarding experience and all of them have said that ours has been the best onboarding experience they’ve ever had.”

Eventbrite increased manager participation to 73% across all their communications

“I am now able to implement things I only would have dreamed about before Enboarder. All the ideas I had to improve onboarding for our managers and employees can be brought to life; I wish I knew about Enboarder a long time ago!”

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