With everything in one place, you can easily create, deliver and review company wide onboarding experiences.

Enboarder combines all the features you need to deliver onboarding experiences that wow in a single, streamlined package.


Content Builder

Build beautiful mobile friendly content pages in minutes.

  • Easily insert images, video text and other visual elements
  • Insert preset profiles of managers, buddies and teammates
  • Include attachments
  • Easily create clickable buttons

Multi Channel Communication

Easily build and automate dynamic communications to anyone in the business. Use preset messages and data captured on the go to nudge managers and set tasks for other departments.

  • Automate submission of tech requests
  • Send tax and bank details to payroll
  • Nudge managers to action tasks
  • Ask employees for feedback

Events & Calendar Sync

Encourage more face to face time. Nudge managers to schedule welcome lunches, reflection sessions and probation reviews.

  • Set meetings for anyone in the business
  • Set locations and descriptions
  • Automatically create calendar invites
  • Set all day or recurring events

Enboarder is a no-brainer for HR, I love it. We're a lean team and having this platform that manages logistics, gets information to the right people at the right time, drives engagement and sets new hires up for success is amazing. I'd tell anyone to sign up!"


Jodi Penny
Talent Acquisition Lead


Third Party Content Integration

Deliver any third party content by SMS, email, Slack and more by simply pasting in a URL. Create unified experiences for users so they don’t have to switch from place to place.

  • Embed your office location with Google maps
  • Use your existing LMS content
  • Embed company YouTube or Vimeo videos
  • Deliver your existing employee surveys

Smart Forms and Feedback

Easily build mobile friendly forms to pulse check new hires, check if manual tasks have been completed and trigger new actions.

  • Use dropdowns, multiple choice, free text and star ratings
  • Trigger new workflows based on form responses
  • Use feedback to trigger suggesting glassdoor reviews
  • Deliver form results to anyone in the business

Acknowledge Actions

Easily see and record whether key actions have been completed by employees, managers and more in one place.

  • See whether your new hire provisioning tasks have been completed
  • Record acknowledgement of policies and procedures
  • Record managers ticking off checklists items

"The Enboarder system is so simple to use. We have been able to identify potential flight risks within our contact centre as well as engage both employees and hiring managers through their onboarding journey. It offers an easy and effective way to automate communications yet encourage more human interaction."


Caroline Horwood
Onboarding Strategy Manager


E-signing Integration

Stop manually having to send and chase new hire paperwork by integrating your electronic signing account to manage Adobe sign, Docusign, Hellosign and Secured sign.

  • Automatically trigger employment contracts
  • Auto fill in documents with advanced Docusign integration
  • Easily automate collection of Tax and Pension information

Manager and Employee Profiles

Help managers own onboarding by giving them their own personal dashboard. Allow new hires to easily view their entire onboarding journey and pending tasks in one place.

  • Remind emplyees of overdue or incomplete items on the fly
  • Show all pending tasks for all new hires in one place
  • Easily look over previous tasks and see what is to come

Dynamic communication

Dynamically update workflows with new data as it’s gathered and send data to a third party application via webhook.

  • Assign buddies on the fly and kick off the buddy workflow
  • Send information to third party applications like Jira via URL
  • Cancel and start workflows automatically
  • Automatically trigger emails to right person based on a new information

"I love that you can really create personalised experiences with minimal effort. The ability to personalise their first day, all their messages, find out about hobbies to get a welcome gift and more is so easy. We were up and running with personalised experiences and manager coaching in under a month."


Ryan Eastwood
People Co-ordinator
Money Supermarket


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