A Manager’s Guide to Creating a Connected Team

Learn from management expert Jason Lauritsen what managers and HR can do to foster more connected teams.

About this Webinar

In an era of flexible and hybrid work, connection has never been more important. Employees who work remotely are increasingly reporting that they feel isolated and disconnected from their peers and their organization. Everyone who has ever felt lonely or left out intuitively recognizes the importance of connection. Recent research done by Enboarder reveals that employees who feel actively connected also feel their work is more collaborative, engaging, and motivating.


But how do HR practitioners and leaders actually help to build that connection within a team at work? In this dynamic webinar, you’ll learn from management expert Jason Lauritsen how connection develops within relationships and what managers and HR can do to foster more connected teams. The key is understanding the power of “creating overlap” both with your people and within the team.

In this session, you’ll learn:

Why connection is so important to employee engagement and performance

How connection forms in relationships through the creation of “overlap”

Specific actions HR teams can take to equip and empower people managers to help their teams feel more actively and authentically connected at work

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