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Join this LIVE demonstration to learn how you can leverage the Enboarder platform in Talent & Onboarding to improve productivity and retention.

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About this Webinar

Talent milestones — such as hiring, onboarding, internal moves, or returning from long leaves— can be super stressful for employees, managers, and even HR teams. It is crucial to get people the information they need to successfully move the process forward and to help them quickly feel comfortable in their new surroundings.


Did you know that great onboarding leads to a:

  • 70% increase in productivity,
  • Higher time-to-productivity ratios in 62% of companies,
  • Increased employee performance of (up to 11%),
  • and increased employee discretionary effort (more than 20%).


Still, it can be challenging for talent teams to break through the noise, keep the hiring team on track, and maintain alignment with everyone.

You will learn how Enboarder

Creates a first impression that delights new hires and jump-starts belonging

Guides and inspires managers in hiring, onboarding, and career development

Reduces your organization’s time and cost to hire new talent

Helps employees ramp up quickly and reduce their time to productivity

Reduces short- and long-term turnover

Builds a best-in-class employer brand

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