Onboarding is (Not) HR’s Job: How to Reshape Induction Into People-Powered Experiences

Empower your managers to engage and retain your new people with a captivating, experience-driven approach to onboarding


Live Webinar:
18 September 2019
9.30AM BST 🇬🇧

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A broken, outdated approach to onboarding means one in five new hires are leaving their job within their first 45 days

In traditional induction, HR is responsible for every employee, scrambling to ensure compliance with processes and paperwork.


The results speak for themselves – high turnover for new hires, and unenthusiastic, uninformed hiring managers.


Those who stay aren’t immune to this obsolete approach to onboarding: 85% of employees worldwide are either not engaged or actively disengaged in their jobs.


It’s time to rethink and transform the way we onboard our new people!

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Join Enboarder’s Chris Jones and Disruptive HR CEO Lucy Adams in this live webinar to discover:

  • A captivating, experience-driven new approach to people-centric onboarding
  • How organizations just like yours are designing and rolling out onboarding experiences that foster meaningful human connections
  • Highly practical tactics to empower and excite managers to lead onboarding – while giving employees ownership over their journey
  • Unexpectedly clever ways to create personalized onboarding experiences at scale

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