Looking to build an employee onboarding portal?
You can do better.

Enboarder does everything an onboarding portal does, without its disadvantages.


Why portals are terrible as onboarding systems

  • Portals are useful resources, but can easily overwhelm new hires with irrelevant information and documents
  • Portals require new hires to create an account, then remember to log in at regular intervals to read material and fill out forms – that’s a lot of hurdles to trip over
  • The portal experience can be an intimidating and disengaging way to introduce new hires to your employer brand

A smarter, more proactive way to onboard

  • Stop information overload: Enboarder provides new hires with the right pieces of information as and when needed
  • No more forgotten passwords and convoluted account setups: new hires simply tap on a link and get all the information they need with no fuss
  • Prompt new hires and managers to action tasks via SMS, proven to deliver 98% higher open and response rates vs email
  • Choose how you engage with new hires: SMS, email, Slack and/or Facebook for Work

Step up to the best onboarding experience, ever

  • Easily build mobile-optimised, personalized and experience-driven onboarding journeys
  • Use e-signing, interactive forms and electronic file handling to make compliance as easy as a tap of the fingers
  • View activities and measure engagement levels – for both new hires and managers
  • Turn boring portal-based checklists into moments that matter

It’s time to stop shoving your new hires into a labyrinth of checklists and paperwork, and instead create experiences that wow


Jacqui Davy

New hire

“My preboarding got me more excited about the role and helped me hit the ground running. ”


Renee Davies

Talent Acquisition Manager

"Enboarder is a wonderful onboarding tool that creates a really positive journey for new hires pre and post-hire."


Nicholas Barry

Organisational Capability Lead

“I was surprised with how easy Enboarder was to use. It’s head and shoulders above any other HR tech I've seen."


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