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The Key Moments that Matter Beyond Onboarding

How Rockend is improving employee experience with outstanding parental leave, transition and
off-boarding programs


Why you should care about employee transitions and offboarding

During your employees’ time with you, their life circumstances can change.

People become parents. Or they may decide to make a move, or change careers.

Is your organization prepared for these transitions?

What are some of the surprising business benefits that the team at Rockend have experienced as a result of their robust parental leave, offboarding and alumni programs?

Join Enboarder and Rockend in this interactive discussion about the importance of being prepared for employee transitions including parental leave and offboarding, and learn how to build an engaged culture that keeps the doors open for ‘regretted’ leavers.

Key takeaways

  • Why you should care about the offboarding experience at your organization
  • Rockend’s offboarding experience, and surprising lessons learned during the process of planning and building it out
  • Building an amazing alumni program to encourage boomerang hires
  • Practical tips for crafting and structuring a sympathetic and effective parental leave program
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