The Art of Designing an
Experience-Driven Onboarding Process

It's time to unbreak onboarding 

Learn how to create an onboarding program built for your people, NOT processes.


Let’s be honest, traditional onboarding is broken

Traditional onboarding focuses on processes, information & checklists. It’s built for company compliance, not people. With tough competition for talent and employees expecting more than ever, this approach just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Experience-driven onboarding is the new way businesses onboard, with the goal of creating a human connection through personalized journeys that engage new hires from the moment they accept a job offer.

But where do you start?

Join this free webinar to learn how to create an onboarding program built for your people, NOT processes. Presented in partnership with Enboarder, this webinar will share two case studies from Dunnhumby and CloudNC, who will discuss their personal experiences and lessons learned in creating an experience-driven onboarding program.

This webinar is best suited for senior In-house Recruitment, Talent Acquisition and Learning and Development professionals who work for businesses with 300+ employees & annual hires of >100.

What's being discussed?

✅  The 3 must-haves in any onboarding journey

✅  How to get buy-in from senior leadership to prioritize onboarding

✅  How to champion your hiring managers to own onboarding

✅  Insights on the relationship between employee engagement and attrition

✅  An evaluation of your organization's process and how to benchmark effectively

...and much more

Ready for Experience-Driven Onboarding?