Why Compass’ Managers LOVE The Organization’s Onboarding

Case Study 

Since launching in 2012 Compass has been on a mission to simplify the real estate process. The organization employs the industry’s top talent (12,000+ agents), the brightest minds in engineering, design and strategy, and is officially the USA’s largest independent real estate brokerage. 


The Problem

Compass offers local, on-the-ground, experts across the entire country, which is great for their customers but a logistical nightmare when it comes to onboarding new agents.

“It was a very manual process that involved a lot of docusign paperwork, Google forms and manual sheet trackers. Every region had its own process but the feedback was consistent – our agents felt like they were drinking from a firehose, ” explains Philip Lakin, Solutions Architect at Compass.

They decided to divide up their Day 1 content across a 30-day drip campaign instead.

“It was a massive win, it was huge for us! Our agents were able to digest this feedback over time rather than being overwhelmed with it on their first day.”

“But we still couldn’t track anything. We still had to use a Google sheet to track who was sending what, when, and to who. We couldn’t see open rates, click through, engagement. We couldn’t test anything beyond anecdotal feedback and changes would take weeks to get approved by compliance. We were still very siloed. If a region discovered any breakthroughs or best practices, it was too hard to share with everyone.”


Support Checkin

The Solution

After the drip campaign’s roaring success the team had proof they were on the right track. They knew it was working – but they needed to find the technology that would take it to the next level.

“We demo’ed over 30 different technologies. I was actually extremely hesitant about Enboarder at first because it was an experience-first, not process-first platform. We have a lot of managers where onboarding is 80% of their job and they needed a way to do their work and easily check on the onboarding progress.”

“But I was blown away by the Enboarder demo. It was like nothing I had ever seen. It really eased my concerns in going experience first over the process portal.”

To ensure the organization chose the right technology for their people, the experience team had three different regions each trial a technology solution. The regions continually updated each other on the process and then presented their findings at the end of the trial.

From there, everyone had the opportunity to vote for what they believed was the best technology solution. Out of 152 votes, Enboarder was the clear winner with 76% of the votes!

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"Enboarder's automation allows me to spend more time focused on face to face time with my agents and less time worrying about sending emails and follow ups. I don't have to have a system of spreadsheets just to keep up with when to reach out to agents and to make sure that I don't miss anything. Our customers really like it - they've all had positive feedback about how simple things have been." - Agent Experience Manager, New York


The Results



Saving approx. 2.5 hours per week, per AEM



Recognized as one of the organization's best tech investments



Employees love it and even tell the CEO about it!

Enboarder has enabled Compass to save an average of 2.5 hours per week, per Agent Experience Manager. 

“Agents love it! Agents are literally talking to our CEO about how incredible their onboarding was. It has had such a significant impact on the business that it was actually awarded as our ‘best technology investment of 2019’.”

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"Enboarder delivers the right information at the right time to both our customers and our team. We have insight we never had before into how our customers are engaging throughout their onboarding experience. I love the Week One check-in and being able to see exactly how the customer is feeling and have a chance to act upon their feedback. This thing does it and it does it in a big way - it is a game changer!" - Agent Experience Manager, Chicago

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