Event summary: "Treating employees like customers"

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Following the success of our recent event ‘Treating Employees Like Customers’, we wanted to thank our speakers, our event partners Pivot and Fuel50 and everyone who attended. It was surely an afternoon of interesting conversations!

If you want a recap or if you missed out, don’t worry - We’ve compiled 8 of the most insightful takeaways from the evening's panel discussion:

  1. ‘If we treated our customers the way we treat our employees, we would go broke!’ Ask yourself ‘would we do this to a customer?’ Employees are great brand advocates - and as such should be treated like customers.
  2. Give employees flexibility, choice and information to advise on those choices. If we are willing to offer multiple routes to win and retain customers, why aren't we offering flexible working conditions to suit our employees?
  3. Policies are in place to tell employees what they can’t do, where it should be in place to tell them what they CAN do. ‘Would we do that to a customer?’
  4. Use your customer mentality to drive your business’s people strategy. If we are able to map, track, analyze and report our customer's behaviours, why can’t we do the same to drive change and deliver a better employee experience?
  5. Treating employees like customers is about valuing them as individuals. All it is, is treating them like grown-ups.
  6. Listen to your employees.
  7. If you’re going to try something new in your team and it fails - ‘fail fast’ and ‘fail forward’, so you can get back on your feet to find the right solution.
  8. Shift from a reactive to a proactive strategy approach. Know what's coming for the business in the next 5, 10 to 15 years. Embrace the future and invest in your people to develop the skills you will need to move forward.

Speaker profiles:

Andrea Martin, Project Manager, Strategy and Practices Talent Acquisition at Westpac,

Denise Hanlon, HR Director and Ambassador of Awesome

Anna Touzel, Employee Development Manager APAC at Indeed

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