Picking the Right Employee Onboarding Software

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Let's face it, traditional onboarding methods are very difficult to control, preserve, and track. They are time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to inconsistencies. Today software solutions and cloud-based tools can really help HR professionals create and manage onboarding in a much more productive and dynamic way, but it is important for organisations to engage with the right tools to best fit their needs.

In the past, a lot of the HR onboarding technology has been very clunky, hard to use, not very user-friendly. But with all the possible connectivity, customisation, and automatisation available today, businesses can assemble their systems in a very modular way.

What is even more exciting is the fantastic trend that comes with that shift, offering great diversity. Businesses are no longer focusing purely on functionality, but more on how to drive engagement and user experience to the next level, influence employee perceptions and development, create high-performing cultures to improve their business outcomes. According to research conducted by Brandon Hall in 2017, organisations using onboarding technology are 67 percent more likely to experience an increase in employee retention and 60 percent more likely to see a rise in employee engagement.

This has a great effect on organisations, helping them to score significantly higher on their KPIs (Key Performance Indicator), meaning organisations that involve onboarding technology and have a defined strategy have seen some amazing increases in their efficiency and profitabilities. So what do onboarding tech solutions focused on employee experience look like?  Well, they are:

  • Highly focused on engagement and collaboration.
  • Designed for connectability, making sure new hires and relevant stakeholders are able to participate in the experience.
  • Easy to integrate with other systems, allowing centralized information and data share.
  • Smooth and easy to navigate.
  • Creative and innovative.
  • Designed to provide a seamless experience for HR while keeping the new employee at the core of the process.
  • Allowing you to track, measure, and report based on behaviours. They will also help you create better KPIs to monitor the onboarding process from start to finish.
  • Flexible, paperless, cost-effective, holistic, and mobile to fit today's digital generation.
  • Designed to help you save time by reducing the amount of tasks.
  • Set up alerts when tasks are overdue or stakeholders are not engaged.
  • Designed to deliver consistency, while easily testing and changing ineffective processes.


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