Automate Your Onboarding! Enboarder Launches Workday Integration

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by alicia

We've integrated with the tools you use everyday, so you can keep doing what you do – just better!

Because two is better than one...

We're excited to announce the launch of our integration with Workday. A leading enterprise application, Workday is a staple in most organizations (including some of the world's largest companies!) for financial management, human capital and analytics.

By integrating with Workday, our customers get the best of both worlds! You can continue to manage BAU tasks through your current Workday systems, while leveraging Enboarder to create incredible, experience-driven onboarding journeys for your new hires (#wowmoments).

How will it benefit you?

Instead of using two software systems simultaneously (🙅double handling) our integration creates a dynamic and seamless way to use both!

Welcome to the world of seamless onboarding! Our Workday integration will effortlessly launch new hires into their onboarding journeys by automatically triggering workflows.

Need to manage or update workflows after they've launched? Say no more! We're making it a breeze. If you need to make changes, like terminating workflows or adjusting start dates, you only need to do this in one place. You heard correctly! Only. One. Place! The changes you make in Workday will automatically reflect in Enboarder.

So, all you need to do now is figure out what you're going to do with all the extra time, resources and manpower you used to spend on your manual onboarding.


👋Hey, I already use Enboarder and Workday! Integrate me!

Lucky you, find out how you can set up the integration here.